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If they knew the truth about you…what then?

An open letter to everyone who attended the May 20 SIP event – and those who did not.

Thank you for showing up and taking on a topic at the core of our very essence: our fundamental truths–or, how we often hide them. The conversation traversed the premise that “We all have dirty little secrets and we all lie.” The highlight was that secrets we keep from others are deceptive, but the secrets we keep from ourselves are insidious. And, the lies we spin to keep our secrets silenced dim the light of humanity.

60 or more of us openly explored this concept, examined what would be possible if we broke free of these secrets and lies, and boldly stepped fully into our truth and magnificence.  Thanks for taking our brief survey. Your answers are electrifyingly brilliant. Here are a few verbatim excerpts:

What were the 3 biggest takeaways from the “If they knew the truth about you…what then?” SIP

  • Considering what I exchange for carrying my secret.
  • Secrets isolate us. When we share ideas we learn we are not alone and the collective input may accelerate healing, transformation and impact.
  • This time of slowing down is an invitation to listen to the “secrets rustling inside of us”. 

What are you inspired to do now to improve your personal or professional life?

  • Listen differently and provoke truth that may be beneath the surface.
  • Lighten up. Get over being my age. Stop being a work in progress and be joy in progress.
  • Recognize and activate the importance of living my truth.

In addition to what we learned at this SIP session, what other ideas or tools might help us to create and sustain an authentic life?

  • “Right to be forgotten” kinds of legislation. It is impossible to start a new life today when your old one still exists, fully documented on the internet. The fear of being locked in and unable to escape the infrastructure of our society is enough to keep many people from even attempting to change.
  • Committing to give our attention only to what matters most (when it’s within our control to do so). Even if that means sacrificing what is good. If we settle for what is good, we don’t experience what is possible.
  • Being … truly being present in the now. And learning how to navigate our insides.

What obstacles might we expect when we step into our truth?

  • People don’t want the truth as much as we want to unburden ourselves or as much as they might say that they want us to be truthful. Hearing something comforting is often a lot easier than being challenged. You can have 99% of your life in common with a loved one and if you disagree about that 1% it can be a deal-breaker that they can’t look beyond.
  • Fear. Rejection. Lack of understanding from those closest to us.
  • Not seeing a “there are no problems, only opportunities” reality.

What steps can we take to overcome the obstacles you listed in the previous question?

  • A strong commitment statement about what I have to gain if I change and what I have to lose if I stay the same. A list of all the ways I suffer because of the way things are now. Identifying resources to help me stay on track.
  • Sometimes it comes down to the delivery. How you share your truth is more important than what you’re sharing.
  • Realize it’s not a box. It’s a whole universe.

Looking ahead to the New Next being collectively created, how can the ideas shared during this SIP session shape a better future?

  • How do we cross-pollinate each others’ thinking and emerge stronger and united? 
  • When everyone has a higher personal standard and strives to live up to it, the general standards of society rise as well.
  • The human future is a cast of billions. Each of us has a choice…If all of us in the human race start tomorrow differently, the future will be unrecognizable.

Conversations like this excite, inspire, unify and elevate us to greater personal and professional heights.

Imagine beginning a meeting by sharing a wish for those attending.

What if a sales call ended with a declaration of co-created opportunity vs a purchase order?

What could be created if a company was driven by its truth vs a financial goal?

What would be possible if our relationships, starting with the ones we have with ourselves, were fearless, selfless and accepting of what is?

In what ways might we each take an evolutionary step toward creating more meaning, opportunity and impact as we grow forward?

Let’s keep exploring and talking! And, if I was really, really, really honest with myself, I would say that together, we can do this! Thanks to each and all of you!

Olga Fernandez

About Olga Fernandez

I founded Sheep Don't Bark because the priority to differentiate has never been more vital. I'm driven to help my clients cut to the chase; find, activate, and effectively promote their unique brand value; and stop wasting time on the wrong messaging and competing for undeserving customers. I want each of my clients to be a stand out in their market, and build a long runway for success.


  1. Avatar David Fearon on July 15, 2020 at 2:10 PM

    Wow! I was there at this SIP session and did the survey. Olga has given us a masterful summary and some questions which do “sting” nicely. Joy in progress. yes, indeed.

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