Activate your brand and energize your workforce Boost your sales success. Build a culture of innovation and stoke your ideation ability. Learn new and best practices to secure your vital digital systems. All programs are remotely delivered, interactive, and highly productive.


Bring your brand to life. Demonstrate why you are the obvious choice. Transform your messaging, content, day-to-day internal activities, and customer experiences into opportunities to make your brand tangible, believable, and memorable. Your brand is a living declaration of your organization's value. Brand Is A Verb will elevate your employees' and stakeholders' awareness of their substantial role in your brand's impact and inspire them to become champions of your brand and the opportunities it generates.

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Remove sales barriers. This rapid fire, 75-minute program will help you discover in real-time, the root cause of your greatest sales difficulty, and develop a more effective method to resolve the issue and close the sale. Break Through to YES focuses on a real-life situation your organization is currently experiencing. The person(s) in charge of, or responsible for, the sales effort and result must participate.

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Fire up your internal idea generation engine. Innovation is the path to sustained growth. Every company has to be an effective idea factory to keep pace with, or get in front of the rate of change. Creativity On Demand is a 90-minute high octane, interactive workshop that will teach your team how to generate problem-solving and growth-stimulating ideas on demand. Learn to eliminate the internal voice of doubt that robs us of our creative power, use inquiry to change perspectives and create new options, and adopt the five no-fail creativity techniques used by master creative thinkers. Open to groups of 5 to 25, and can be delivered remotely.

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Secure your vital digital systems. Cybersecurity 101 aims to teach anyone not just what to do in order to be more secure, but why those steps are important. Your team will walk away with an understanding of how criminals take advantage of people online, and will be better able to protect themselves and their businesses. Cybersecurity 101 is a bridge between the information security world and day-to-day business functions. High level best practices are distilled into a working knowledge that anyone who uses a computer every day will be able to grasp and apply.

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