We are accomplished problem solvers, creative thinkers, and marketing and branding strategists invested in connecting you to the customers, opportunities, and growth you truly want.

For over 20 years, we’ve built data-driven strategies that differentiate our clients for growth. Shifted sales teams from selling to partnering. Put funded start-ups on the map. Built brands that inspire trust. Launched campaigns that attract prospects who are ready to buy. And elevated clients to realize their full value and potential.

We promise to work side by side with you so you can be the obvious choice in your market.



Olga Fernandez

I founded Sheep Don't Bark because the priority to differentiate has never been more vital.

I'm driven to help my clients cut to the chase; find, activate, and effectively promote their unique brand value; and stop wasting time on the wrong messaging and competing for undeserving customers. I want each of my clients to be a stand out in their market, and build a long runway for success.

Jim Sperling

Jim Sperling

Vice President, Creative
The first law of branding is “show me, don't tell me.” When an organization truly embodies and demonstrates their unique value, it becomes real and tangible to their prospects and customers.

This builds trust and loyalty, and allows for innovation and growth.

Nat Connacher

Nat Connacher

Leader of Visual Dialogue
I create visual dialogue between clients and their audiences that finds new and flexible connection points in their ever shifting business environment. Dialogue that has integrity to a set of values, purpose to declared goals, and passion to a cause gets results.

Lydia Fazio Theys

Lydia Fazio Theys

Chief Writer
To care about your ideas, your reader must first understand them. My intention is always to bring a unique perspective to messaging, and help people recognize that new and different opportunities are always within their reach.


How will you showcase your unique value? Build a brand that sparks interest. Tell your story with confidence. Show the world why you are the obvious choice.

Purpose Practiced

Branding, logo creation, website development.

Communico Ltd.

Website development, marketing strategy, content development, email marketing.

Spruce Investment Advisers

Branding, logo creation, website development, conference material.


Wellness calendar concept, copywriting, and graphic design.

Lutheran Healthcare /
NYU Langone

Annual report concept, copywriting, graphic design, photo direction.


Branding, logo and tagline creation, website development, graphical user interface aesthetics, newsletter, email, marketing strategy.